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Seven good reasons for hiring a professional writer

Sylvie Lamothe
Société québécoise de la rédaction professionnelle


While new communication technologies have revolutionized our lives, the written word—in all formats—has never been more present. Magazines, emails, pamphlets, Web pages, brochures, novels—the written word is clearly alive and well! Out of this plethora of texts, which one will draw your attention? The one with content that interests you, of course—but which text will hold your attention? The one that really speaks to you, because it is linked to an area of your life. Reaching the target audience: that is the goal of successful written communication and the domain of the professional writer.

In social movements, as in business or politics, reaching an audience effectively can mean prosperity for a business or success for a project. As increasingly informed and demanding consumers, we tend to choose organizations that project an image of quality and excellence. An organization's survival therefore depends on skilful communication.

For the past 20 years, the Société québécoise de la rédaction professionnelle (SQRP) has been bringing together language enthusiasts who have demonstrated their specific writing skills by successfully completing a rigorous certification process. This process begins with a review of each candidate's application on the basis of strict criteria relating to the applicant's experience and expertise. The SQRP's certification process ensures a high degree of quality and professionalism in its members—writing experts working in various fields, such as administration, technology, culture, science, advertising, public relations and education.

Distraction and attraction

In today's fast-paced world filled with distractions, only a text targeted to its audience has the force of attraction to convey the sender's message to the receiver—whether that sender is a business, a company or an organization. Imagine, then, what a tremendous asset it is for the sender to work with a writer who can produce a clear, accurate and relevant text for a receiver bombarded on every side with competing messages!

Using the services of a professional writer is a major benefit for any organization, whatever its objective:

  • to promote services, goods, ideas, opinions, policies, etc.;
  • to communicate facts, information, achievements, technological (or scientific) advances, decisions, etc.;
  • to explain in plain language, teach, educate, promote, share, etc.

Whatever the mandate, versatile and creative professional writers adapt to the genre, form and subject, while ensuring a coherent text tailored to the target audience. As a result, a successful partnership may develop between the employer and the salaried writer, or between the client and the freelance writer, since the idea of the one comes to life in the words of the other, in such a way as to better reach and interact with the receiver. Thus, the current flows and produces results: increased sales, greater social influence, a higher profile, better crisis management, etc.

The power of successful communication

In conclusion, why should an organization hire a professional writer? Here are seven good reasons:

  1. Professional writers use their expertise not only to reach their audience, but also to engage it in a dialogue that provides the organization with valuable information regarding its image and activities.
  2. The professional writer's relevant editorial choices in promoting the organization's message are a valuable plus for the organization.
  3. High-quality written communications enhance the organization's image and credibility, a winning combination that increases its financial profitability.
  4. With the ability to relay a sender's message strategically, the writer engages the sender in a judicious sharing of expertise.
  5. With their command of the writing process, writers know how to deal with various constraints while staying within their mandate and meeting objectives.
  6. An organization whose internal communications are meticulous and whose external communications reflect excellence inspires respect and pride in its employees, and thus benefits from stronger commitment and improved recruitment and retention.
  7. Better message delivery leads to concrete results, meaning more buyers, followers or informed consumers.

Supported by 130 members, the SQRP is THE reference in Quebec for professional writing, in both English and French. With their ample training in written communication, its qualified writers—and especially its certified members, who have demonstrated their ability—are true communicators well versed in the art of finding the right words.