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Two funds for support of the Fransaskois community

Government of Saskatchewan


The Portail culturel fransaskois

Launched in 2011, the Portail culturel fransaskois offers a grant program that will provide Fransaskois artists, cultural organizations and groups with expanded access to funding. This program will support the development of artistic practices and the engagement of Fransaskois artists, people and communities in diverse artistic activities. Thanks to this program, Fransaskois artists and cultural organizations can receive financial support for artistic production and dissemination of their work. In short, this fund is designed for the support of the Francophone community of the province.

Available grants are:

  • Independent Artists grants
  • Project grants
  • Touring grants

These touring grants encourage partnerships and creative projects that involve touring and accessibility to the cultural market, in order to increase public access to artistic creations and Fransaskois artists. The grants program also gives artists an opportunity to explore innovative approaches to touring.

The Portail culturel fransaskois is jointly funded by Canadian Heritage ($172,500 annually) and the Government of Saskatchewan ($172,500 annually) and is administered by the Saskatchewan Arts Board through an agreement with the province's Francophone Affairs Branch. Indeed, it is thanks to the renewal of the Canada-Saskatchewan Agreement on Francophone Affairs that this project has come into being.

Terms and conditions of the program, forms and contact information, as well as amounts allotted to 2011-2012 recipients, are posted on the Saskatchewan Arts Board site. Terms and conditions of the program, forms and contact information, as well as amounts allotted to 2011-2012 recipients, are posted on the Saskatchewan Arts Board site. [Information no longer available]

Francophone Community Infrastructure Fund (FCIF)

Since June 24, 2011, the Francophone community of Saskatchewan has enjoyed additional funding for its community projects: the goal of the Francophone Community Infrastructure Fund (FCIF) is to support the development and the cultural vitality of the Francophone community in Saskatchewan.

The provincial government recognizes the important economic and cultural role played by Fransaskois in the development of the province. In short, an investment in the province's Francophone communities is an investment in the future of our province. This funding program is designed to support not only the development of Francophone communities but also the growth and vitality of all of Saskatchewan.

The FCIF will provide funding of up to $100,000 per year for capital projects that enhance access to and promote Francophone culture and the French language; enhance the quality and use of Francophone community facilities that support cultural vitality; and create greater opportunities to hold events that support cultural vitality.

Funding can cover up to two-thirds of the costs. The maximum grant per project is $50,000, and applicants must pay at least one third of all eligible costs. Naturally, there must be broad community support to ensure successful delivery of and participation in the project. Support may include donations of goods and services, sponsorships, volunteer time and financial contributions from the community and partners. Each project must involve and be profitable to a large number of people and provide a long-term legacy to the community.

All projects must comply with applicable building codes, local bylaws and heritage conservation standards. Renovation and rehabilitation projects must improve the condition and extend the useful life of buildings.

The FCIF is managed by the Francophone Affairs Branch. Applications may be submitted on behalf of a Francophone community project by any charitable organization, nonprofit association or registered co-operative.

For further information regarding applications, terms and conditions, please consult the FCIF Web page.