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Congratulations from the Commissioner of Official Languages

Graham Fraser
Commissioner of Official Languages


I would like to congratulate Public Works and Government Services Canada on the launch of the Language Portal of Canada, which groups together various language tools while providing information on Canada's two official languages.

The Portal hosts a wealth of practical tools, such as language quizzes, writing tools and TERMIUM Plus®, the Government of Canada's terminology and linguistic data bank. By offering user-friendly help at the click of a mouse, it is an ideal resource for writers, editors or anyone seeking to improve their writing, vocabulary or second language skills. The Portal is also a one-stop resource for information on Canada's official languages, with links to provincial initiatives, language training, standardization and Canada's two official language communities.

In addition to serving as a valuable learning tool, the site highlights the importance of Canada's language industry. Since the adoption of the Official Languages Act in 1969, the demand for language services in federal institutions has continued to grow. To ensure that Canadians receive services in both English and French, federal departments have to make information available in both languages. Canada's language professionals have risen to this challenge by supporting the government as it reaches out to Canadians, and helps to promote the equal status of English and French in Canadian society. In the process, Canada's language professionals have acquired a reputation of excellence that positions them well in a globally competitive industry.

Canada's language industry consists of more than 2,000 companies and roughly 30,000 specialists. Canada's translation and language training sectors alone generate over $800 million in annual revenues.  This is a growing industry—one that facilitates communication between Canadians and with the international community.

Once again, my congratulations on this excellent initiative, which will help Canadians discover the rich and intricate nature of our two official languages.