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How LinguisTech can benefit you

Katia Brien-Simard, Communications Officer
Language Technologies Research Centre
Translated from the French by Sébastien Polikar


In September 2011, the Language Technology Research Centre (LTRC), located in Gatineau, Quebec, launched the LinguisTech electronic platform by means of funding from the Canadian Language Sector Enhancement Program.

Created for language professionals, the LinguisTech platform is made up of three zones. The first zone, Get Informed, is intended as a training and documentation centre. It includes the Library, which contains various language-related publications, the Translation Ecosystem, the Collection of Electronic Resources in Translation Technologies (CERTT) and the Tips and Tricks related to the usage of French and English. The second zone, Get Talking, is dedicated to the Virtual Community. It includes the Blog and the Forum, as well as the Community of Practice where professionals and organizations working in the Canadian language sector can share their ideas and experiences. Lastly, the site has a utilitarian zone, Get Going, which gives access to the Online Tools section. Many of the tools in this section are free and will be of practical help to writers, editors and translators.

While the LinguisTech platform was created for language professionals, it can also be useful to the general public. For instance, the Online Tools section in the Get Going zone provides access to several dictionaries and various writing tools. These tools can make the tasks of translating and summarizing complex texts easier.

The linguistic Tips and Tricks can also be of use to the general public. They not only deconstruct common grammar myths, such as split infinitives and ending a sentence with a preposition, but also enrich your vocabulary. LinguisTech can help you with your writing and translating by offering you a wide range of free resources that are available at any time. The blog and discussion forum will open up a world of possibilities and help you explore the linguistic aspects of different cultures, including the Spanish and Japanese cultures. Without a doubt, LinguisTech's greatest strengths are its bilingual platform and its collaborative aspect. Through networking, you can interact with other users who may have encountered the same language problems as you.

In addition, by providing a virtual space for various organizations, LinguisTech promotes communication and puts you in touch with new resources. For instance, Rédacteurs-réviseurs sans frontières, a group that originated at the Université du Québec en Outaouais, works in the field of civic writing and provides free writing and editing services.

The subsection dedicated to Dynamic Professionals can also be useful if you want to get in touch with people who can help you with your writing and editing tasks. The platform also contains a section with humorous cartoons and videos. These tools will make learning English or French more fun by providing you with some comic relief.

Simply put, LinguisTech is a place where you can find support from writers, editors, translators and revisers, no matter what your needs may be.

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