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A bank of educational activities designed to build Francophone identity

Association canadienne d'éducation de langue française (ACELF)


A growing number of teachers are discovering the ACELF Banque d'activités pédagogiques (BAP) (French only) and using it in the classroom. With its 550 free online activities, this bank of educational activities is full of original ideas to help build Francophone identity in young people. Over 16,000 activities are typically downloaded every month!

The activity bank is one of the many resources provided by the ACELF to support Francophone teachers across the country in their educational and cultural activities.

The BAP's activities centre on themes as diverse as the arts, self-knowledge, cultural diversity and literature. They are aimed primarily at making students think about their personal and cultural identity and at developing their sense of communication, involvement and leadership. The activities target various age groups (4- to 20-year-olds), often involve more than one school subject and promote interaction among students.

Using the BAP in universities

Not only can schools benefit from the BAP, so can universities, says Marianne Cormier, a professor at the Université de Moncton. In our interview with her, published in the October 2009 issue of the magazine Vie pédagogique, Ms. Cormier explained how she uses the BAP to teach students in education programs.

"As students in teacher education programs, they hear much talk about the mission of schools in Francophone communities, identity building and education in minority settings. They see the BAP as an interesting resource—a tangible way to bridge the gap between theory and practice."

Ms. Cormier not only presents the BAP as a resource that can benefit her students as teachers, but also uses it to help integrate the theory she teaches and to foster critical thinking. Now that's an approach worth sharing and, above all, duplicating!

For more details, read the article La BAP en bref (French only).