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Canada School of Public Service—Distance training: it's the next best thing to being there!

Canada School of Public Service


From time to time, we have all wished that we could transport ourselves instantly from one place to another to save time or to avoid having to travel. The Canada School of Public Service is achieving this to some degree by offering distance training to public servants who are interested in taking language courses.

Learning a second language as an adult requires a substantial personal investment. You must dedicate your time and energy to practising the language, and you need an experienced teacher who understands your situation. The School knows this well and is offering distance training as an innovative solution to help you with your second language learning.

From your home or your workplace, you can participate virtually in a classroom that might in reality be 3,000 km away!

Distance training is much more than an online course. In the virtual classroom, there is a blackboard, a teacher, classmates, learning activities and interaction with other participants—all in real time.


Distance training is flexible and accommodating because it

  • takes Canada’s vast geography into account;
  • reduces stress related to striking a balance between work, training and your personal life; and
  • shortens distances, eliminates the need to travel, and overcomes some of the problems arising from different time zones.

Distance training produces substantial savings for organizations and provides efficient, effective training for public servants who wish to achieve their objectives quickly.

The School is the learning organization of choice for federal public servants. It helps them improve and maintain their official language skills. By learning a second language, public servants can better serve Canadians in both official languages, across the country.

For more information, visit the Canada School of Public Service Web site.