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NALD adds a new interactive feature to its digital library

Christy English
National Adult Literacy Database (NALD)

(The name of the National Adult Literacy Database [NALD] was changed to Copian on September 30, 2013.)


The National Adult Literacy Database (www) English Hyperlink Notice (NALD) has taken steps to enhance its popular online library. NALD library (www) English Hyperlink Notice users will now have the opportunity to post their comments when accessing and making use of online resources. [This feature is no longer available.]

This new interactive feature is designed to help promote the high calibre of the NALD library offerings and also to assist users in their search for resources that are best suited to their purposes.

When opening a NALD library document or other resource, users will see the Comments entry point to the right of the library page, between the Download button and the Citation format options. Users are not restricted by word count and will be able to add their thoughts on the comments of other contributors in addition to their views on the resource itself.

"We hope users take advantage of this participatory element of our library and that the comments will stimulate discussion among visitors who use a particular resource," said Katherine d'Entremont, CEO of NALD. "This enhancement will also give us an opportunity to get to know the individuals who turn to us for resources."

To integrate the comments feature into its website, NALD used the third-party services of Disqus, known for its real-time posting and its intuitive online experience.

NALD takes great pride in the work it does to preserve resources produced over time by the literacy and essential skills community of Canada. Over 4,000 full-text documents, categorized according to Research Materials and Learning Materials, are housed in NALD's digital library. NALD also includes multimedia resources in its online offerings.

General comments on the new feature may be sent to For more information, call NALD's toll-free number: 1-800-720-6253.