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A new look for the National Adult Literacy Database site

National Adult Literacy Database / Base de données en alphabétisation des adultes
Fredericton, New Brunswick

(The name of the National Adult Literacy Database [NALD] was changed to Copian on September 30, 2013.)


The National Adult Literacy Database (NALD) has chosen International Literacy Day to launch its newly designed website.

In addition to having a bold layout and a 30 percent wider page, NALD's new interface reflects a state-of-the-art content management system that will allow NALD to better meet the needs of the literacy and essential skills community across Canada.

"Literacy remains an elusive target for countless people worldwide and for far too many Canadians", said NALD CEO Katherine d'Entremont. "On this important occasion—International Literacy Day—we call your attention to international efforts undertaken to make a difference, and to our efforts to improve the situation for individuals within our reach we know we can help with our services."

The NALD website includes the following new features:

  • Enhanced accessibility
  • New promotional space
  • More news headlines
  • Additional RSS feeds
  • Expanded focus on social media
  • Virtual business cards
  • Integrated search feature

NALD started its rebranding process in 2008 by adopting a new logo and new promotional materials.

"After celebrating NALD's 20th anniversary in 2009, we thought it was the right time to give our front page a new look and to significantly enhance our many valued offerings," added Ms. d'Entremont. "Our launch today is the next step in an evolving process designed to benefit all of our stakeholders."

About NALD

NALD is a non-profit registered charity. Its mission is to provide Internet-based literacy and essential skills information and resources in both of Canada's official languages, free of charge. In fiscal year 2009 2010, 4,500,000 NALD users viewed 13,500,000 pages of information and downloaded 6,300,000 PDF documents.

NALD receives funding from the Office of Literacy and Essential Skills at Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. It also receives significant financial support from the Government of New Brunswick.

NALD is committed to providing its users with an innovative website, quality online services and a rewarding experience. For more information, visit the NALD (www) English Hyperlink Notice website and read the redesign overview [article no longer available], call 1-800-720-6253 or write to You can also contact the following people:

Christy English
Research and Communications Officer
Tel.: 506-462-5034