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Editing Goes Global: The first international conference of editors

Gael Spivak
Editors’ Association of Canada
(The Editors’ Association of Canada began using the name Editors Canada on July 1, 2015.)


What’s the collective noun for a group of editors? Some that have come up in conversations on social media are an erudition of editors, a dash of editors, and a stet of editors.

Whatever you want to call it, you’ll find a very large group of editors (and writers and translators) gathering in Toronto in June. They’ll be coming from around the world, too, not just from Canada. That’s because the Editors’ Association of Canada is hosting the world’s first international editing conference.

It’s going to be a great weekend of international networking, learning and fun.

Editing Goes Global will be held in Toronto from June 12 to 14, 2015.


Language mavens are excited about the two keynote speakers.

The conference will feature other speakers from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK and the US. They include experts in print and online publishing, as well as in the government, corporate, not-for-profit, writing and communications sectors. Editors and other communications professionals follow many of the speakers online, in blogs and other social media.


In addition to international editing partners, the association teamed up with the Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC), as well as several other editing associations. This will give attendees access to three full days of sessions on editing, writing and communications.

Fees and registration discounts

You can get an advanced rate discount until April 30, 2015. And if you are a member of one of the partner associations, you are entitled to discounted registration fees.

There’s more information on these fees, as well as discounts on travel and accommodation, on the registration page.

Why now?

Having an international conference has long been an idea of Greg Ioannou, chair of this conference and one of the founding members of the Editors’ Association of Canada. It just hasn’t been easy to organize until now. “With so many editors talking to each other on Facebook and Twitter now, it’s been much easier to connect to editors in other countries. Having a conference, where we can get together and share our knowledge, seems to be a natural outcome of that online conversation.”

The idea is to hold the international conference every few years, moving it around the globe. So it won’t be back in Canada for a while. You may never have access to a better networking or learning opportunity than this.

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