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New year: new colours!

Philippe Daoust
Canadian Foundation for Cross-Cultural Dialogue


Have you noticed the new colours for the Rendez-vous de la Francophonie (RVF) 2014? The website and all the communication tools associated with this rallying event for Canada’s Francophones and Francophiles have been redesigned to celebrate the present and the future, while taking a close look at our collective past.

Released just before the holiday season, the programming for the RVF 2014 helps us get ready to celebrate, in French, under the theme "La joie de vivre d’hier à demain!" (Celebrating life: past and future).

Always higher

"Prendre son envol" (Taking flight) is the expression that comes to mind when I look at the visual for the RVF 2014. This proud bird with its multicoloured plumage seems to want to fly higher and higher.

Just like Canada’s Francophones, the bird must face harsh winds, bad weather and sometimes even a few predators to reach its destination. It could let itself glide but chooses instead to flap its magnificent wings vigorously.

I imagine that this bird is migratory because, like many of its fellow Francophones in Canada, it must leave its nest to thrive. How many Acadians have had to go out west to make a living? How many Québécois keep the Francophonie alive in our northern territories? And how many minority Francophones must move away to earn a living, in English, elsewhere in the country?


Our Francophone bird of many colours likes to be noticed. When it spreads its wings, eyes turn to the sky as well as to all the branches on which it lands. Through its radiance, the bird not only displays the richness, vitality and characteristics of its race, but also draws attention to its existence, be it in the east or west, the north or south, by the oceans, in the forests or tundra, in the heart of the Prairies or at the top of our highest mountains.


Imagine for a moment the singing and chirping of this very special bird. The powerful and melodious notes it produces resonate across the sky, to be heard for miles around. Its melodies are recognized around the world. They show how touching and inspiring the songs of the Francophonie can be.

That is my own personal vision of the colours for the RVF 2014. What is yours?