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Do you know how to netspeak?

Would you like to be ROTFL or just LOL?

Internet abbreviations are supposed to speed up your reading. But if you don't understand them, they can slow you down. Use the list below to help you decode some of this modern shorthand that is popular among youth.

ABT about
AKA also known as
B4 before
BBS Be back soon.
BF boyfriend / best friend
BFN Bye for now.
BRB Be right back.
BT but
BTW by the way
CU See you.
CUL8R See you later.
CUZ because
EZ easy
FGS For goodness' sake!
GF girlfriend
HAND Have a nice day!
HHOK Ha ha, only kidding!
IDK I don't know.
JMHO Just my humble opinion.
K Okay.
LOL Laughing out loud!
NT not
OTOH on the other hand
PAW Parents are watching.
R are
ROTFL Rolling on the floor laughing!
RLY really
RTM Read the manual.
SFSG So far, so good.
SWDYT So what do you think?
TTYL Talk to you later.
U you
U2 You, too.
WAT what
WRT with respect to