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Faire table rase


How do I translate faire table rase into English?


The expression faire table rase comes from the Latin tabula rasa, which means scraped tablet or clean slate. In fact, most bilingual dictionaries give make a clean sweep for faire table rase, but there are other possibilities.

Here are some other suggestions: do away with, get rid of, go back to square one, make a clean sweep, scrap, throw away, throw out, wipe the slate clean.

For example,

  • faire table rase d'une pratique désuète
    do away with (or get rid of) an outdated practice
  • faire table rase et recommencer à zéro
    go back to square one and start again from scratch
  • faire table rase du passé
    make a clean sweep of the past
  • faire table rase de tout le travail déjà effectué
    scrap all the work that has already been done
  • faire table rase d'une mauvaise idée
    throw away (or throw out) a bad idea
  • voici une occasion de faire table rase
    here is an opportunity to wipe the slate clean