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Tout baigne dans l'huile


Is there an equivalent for tout baigne dans l'huile in English?


The popular expression tout baigne dans l'huile has many possible equivalents in English. Here are just a few of our favourites: everything is hunky-dory, everything is just great, everything is looking great, everything is perfect, everything is running smoothly, everything is tickety-boo, it's all peaches and cream, it's going like clockwork, it's smooth sailing.

For example,

tout baignait dans l'huile pendant le spectacle
everything was hunky-dory (or everything was tickety-boo) during the show

tout baigne dans l'huile entre ma famille et moi
everything is just great (or everything is perfect) between me and my family

le docteur m'a dit que tout baignait dans l'huile
my doctor told me that everything is looking great

tout baigne dans l'huile au travail aujourd'hui
everything is running smoothly at work today

tout baignait dans l'huile au début
it was all peaches and cream in the beginning

tout baignait dans l'huile jusqu'à ce que je renverse du café sur mon gestionnaire
it was going like clockwork until I spilled coffee on my manager

tout baignait dans l'huile pour l'équipe championne de baseball
it was smooth sailing for the championship baseball team

Now you have lots of ways to say how everything is going swimmingly.