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Accorder la parole


What are some ways of translating the French expression accorder la parole?


There are many ways of translating accorder la parole. To get you started, look at a few of our suggestions:

  • allow or give someone the opportunity to speak
  • Je suis ravi que le comité m’accorde la parole.
  • I am delighted that the committee has allowed (given) me the opportunity to speak.
  • allow someone to speak or let someone speak
  • Merci de m’avoir accordé la parole aujourd’hui.
  • Thank you for allowing me to speak (letting me speak) to you today.
  • call on or upon
  • Si nous avons le temps, j’accorderai la parole à la prochaine personne.
  • If there is time, I will call on (upon) the next person.
  • cede, give or yield the floor to
  • Mesdames et Messieurs, c’est avec joie que j’accorde la parole à notre invité distingué.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, I gladly cede (give, yield) the floor to our distinguished guest.
  • give someone the chance to speak or talk
  • Nous accorderons la parole aux experts, qui discuteront de santé et d’activité physique.
  • We will give the experts the chance to speak (talk) about health and fitness.
  • give the podium to
  • J’accorde maintenant la parole au maire.
  • I now give the podium to the Mayor.
  • hand over the mike
  • Je voudrais maintenant accorder la parole à ma collègue.
  • I’d like to hand over the mike to my colleague now.
  • move on to
  • Accordons la parole au prochain intervenant.
  • Let’s move on to the next speaker.
  • recognize
  • La présidente accorde la parole au membre.
  • The chair recognizes the member.
  • take interventions
  • J’accorderai encore la parole à quelques personnes sur cette question.
  • I will take a few more interventions on this subject.