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Plural of Mrs. and Ms.


What are the plural forms of Mrs. and Ms.?


We have found that most sources use Mmes. and Mses. as the plural forms of Mrs. and Ms., respectively. The easiest way to show this is in a table:

Source Plural of Mrs. Plural of Ms.
The Canadian Style Mmes.  
Gage Canadian Dictionary Mrs.  
Oxford Guide to Canadian English Mmes.  
Nelson Canadian Dictionary Mms. Mses., also Mss.
The Penguin Canadian Dictionary Mmes. Mses (no period)
The Globe and Mail Style Guide   Mses.

Keep in mind that The Globe and Mail Style Guide advises us not to use plural honorifics because they "appear awkward and stilted." With two or three names, you should simply repeat the honorific. For example,

  • Mrs. Scarlet, Mrs. Peacock and Mrs. White were all present at the party.

However, with a long list of names, it is better to use the plural forms of honorific titles. In such cases, you should opt for Mmes. (or Mesdames) as the plural of Mrs., and Mses. as the plural of Ms.